9:00 AM (One Service) January 26, 2014

Isaiah the Prophet The Mission of an unpopular message (what is success?)
Theme: We cannot measure success or what it means to be effective on the standards of the world but have to measure it on the basis of faithfulness.
Purpose: A challenge we all face is to take joy in faithfulness and choose carefully how we measure success.
Sermon: “Isaiah the Prophet” The Mission of an unpopular message (what is success?)
Isaiah 6:1-12 Isaiah’s Call
2 Timothy 4:1-5 Preach the message in season and out of season
Was Isaiah successful in proclaiming God’s word because he was persistent in it or because he was faithful to the message? Why proclaim a message that no one wants to hear? What is the purpose of faithfulness if it isn’t going to make things work out for us? How do we know when we are preaching an unpopular message and when we are just being unpleasant ourselves? What do we need to sacrifice in order to be effective in sharing the message of God’s love? Are there people in our lives (family, close friends) to whom we cannot effectively be the conduit of God’s messages? Are there people who close their ears and refuse to listen today?

An Unpopular Message – Click here to listen to the message

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