November Children’s Corner

November 3rd join us for the second Share and Connect Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.  On the first Sunday of each month we come together kids and adults to have fun, do activities and help people in our community and in the world.  On November 3rd we will use our hands and our hearts to make blankets to share God’s love to people who are going through a difficult time.  As these blankets are make we will lift up prayers that the recipient of this gift will enjoy the warmth and comfort of the blanket and ask God’s encouragement, strength and peace in their lives.


On November 10th we start learning about the story of Daniel.  You can find out more about the story in Daniel 6:1-28.  Daniel and King Darius were friends.  Some men were jealous of Daniel.  The men tricked King Darius into a law that said everyone must pray to the king.  Who did Daniel pray to?  What happened to Daniel?  Daniel wasn’t hurt.  God took care of Daniel just like God takes care of us.  How does God take care of you?


****Remember to bring in pop tabs.  Each class is collecting pop tabs to help support the Ronald McDonald House.

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