May 11, 2014 Mother’s Day

At the 10:30 service we will have the Children’s Musical:  “Sticky Notes and Bible Quotes.”  Also, at that service we will dedicate the Cross that has been placed on top of the sanctuary in appreciation of Ward and Marie Laiten.


At the 8:00 Service:

Sermon: “Resurrection Relationships”
Theme: Resurrection relationships are generous, compassionate, and founded upon forgiveness. If we are going to experience the fullness of the resurrection it is going to be mean putting Christ’s instruction above our own worries and concerns.
Purpose: The congregation will experience a call to rededicate their lives to putting faithfulness to Christ above all other competing concerns.
Scriptures: John 10:1-10 Entering by the gate, responding to the voice.
Acts 2:42-47 The life of the church.

Click HERE to listen to message.

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