Sunday, December 21, 2014

8:00     “Into the Darkness, and then to Light”      

Sermon:           “Into the Darkness, Then Comes Light”

Theme:            Often the path that leads us into darkness is the way in which we come to know Christ, and have a message to share.

Purpose:          The congregation will be encouraged that times of darkness are the pathway to growing closer to Christ and wiser.

Scriptures:       1 John 1:5-7     God is light, and we learn to walk in the light.

Acts 26:9-18    Paul’s testimony of being plunged into darkness, and then carrying the message of the light.



Paul was convinced he was doing right when he was persecuting and full of rage; but discovered that he was completely wrong.  Have we had times when our hostility and our overconfidence caused us to do harm? How do we know that we doing what is right or wrong? In what ways are times of darkness and doubt important in coming to be open to new possibilities?  What will Jesus say to us about the grudges and hostilities that we bear? In what ways are times of being confronted and challenged by Christ an act of grace and mercy? Do we receive them as gifts, especially when they disturb our assumptions and plans?

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