Practicing Christian Discernment

Christian Discernment is the practice of involving our faith and prayer in our decision making. As a regular part of Christian faith practice, discernment enables us to utilize deeper resources within ourselves and others in order to find guidance. Discernment is not a “sure fire” way to success or a gimmick, but is a way through faith practices to integrate our relationship with God, the resources around us, and the process of making our way through this world. The class will be led by Pastor Jack. Classes will be at 7:00 pm following the 6:30 pm Devotional Worship Service.

Wednesday, February 25 Focusing

Wednesday, March 4 Intuition, Our Own and Others

Wednesday, March 11 Imagination and Intelligence

Wednesday, March 18 Believing and Knowing

Wednesday, March 25 Confirming Perspective & Decisions

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