Sunday, May 17th 8:00 AM service

8:00 Service:

Sermon: “Meanwhile, In the Real World”
Theme: The hardships and trials that God’s people face enable them to stand out and show Christ’s compassion and grace in the world.
Purpose: To enable the congregation to connect their challenges and trials with opportunities to share Christ’s love.
Scriptures: Psalm 1 Happy are those who meditate on God’s law, like trees planted by a stream.
John 17:6-19 Jesus prays for the disciples who will abide in the world and share what they have received from Christ.

What does it take to have a strong faith in the world today? What are the practices and disciplines that enable us to be like a tree planted by a consistent source of sustenance? How do we use the “Law of God” to be a guide to our faith? What does it mean that we do not belong to the world? In what ways should we separate from the world and to what degree are we here to transform the world?

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