Sunday, June 28. 2015 Samson and Delilah

Sermon: “The Cost of Arrogance”
Theme: Samson did not recognize that his strength flowed from his relationship with God, and this forced a journey of restoration.
Purpose: The congregation will understand that our power and strength needs to come from our relationship with God.
Scriptures:  Judges 16:4-22 Samson falls in love with Delilah and she betrays him.
Matthew 10:16-22, 34-39 Jesus warns the disciples of betrayal, and rejection, that those who will follow have to set relationship with God above all else.
Why do we retell the story of Samson and Delilah, especially to children, when it is a story of such deceit and bloodshed? Was Samson just not very intelligent in his relationships or was God in some way using his lack of ability to restrain himself? What does it mean to be so personally devoted to God as a Nazerite? How is it that some people are so focused on personal devotion that they are not able to see what impact their decisions have on others? How can God use such a violent and unrestrained man as Samson? Was it a good thing that he killed so many Philistines? What is with the conflict between the Philistines and the Judean people? How has our view changed of how to bring peace?

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