Sunday, August 2, 2015 Noah Churchnic (Outdoor Worship)

Churchnic (Outdoor worship and cookout Bring something to share) Communion.

Sermon: “Washing Away the Corruption”

Theme: God brought an end to the era of extreme corruption while showing grace in the midst of disaster.

Purpose: The congregation will understand the story of Noah as a story of God’s righteousness and human fallen nature; and will look at themselves as the recipients of grace and forgiveness.

Why did God have to destroy humanity in order to end sin? What was the purpose of the flood? Why did God need Noah, couldn’t God have done things without a human doing the “hard work?” Did it work? Does it appear that God has emotions and responses that we don’t tend to see God as having today? Did God make mistakes in creating humanity in the way that they were created? What does this story say about judgment and grace? What does this story say about the accountability of humanity as opposed to the accountability of individuals? Are there sins of the whole of humanity as opposed to sins of individuals? What’s the difference?

Click here to listen to the message.

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