9/27/2015 Seeing (Paying Attention)

Sermon: “How You Look At Things”

Theme: Through faith we learn to look through love and trust in God, so that we become focused on living lives of generosity, love, and faith.

Purpose: To teach the congregation to focus on what they are focusing their eyes and thoughts upon.

Scriptures: Matthew 6:19-24 The eye is the lamp of the body, it can be full of greed or light.
Acts 9:3-9, 17-22 Saul receives his sight through prayers and the removal of the scales that blinded him.

What are the things that we focus our attention upon? Do we choose to focus on the things that are up building and worthy of our attention? Do we tend to focus on things that are negative and critical? How does our focus and attention affect our attitude? How does our attention and focus affect the people around us? In what ways does our attention and focus either build up the body or Christ or function in a way that is negative and destructive? How do we keep our focus on the mission of serving Christ and remove it from complaint and criticism?

Click HERE to listen to the sermon.

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