10/11/2015 Tongue (What comes out of our Mouths)

Sermon: “Consider Before You Speak”
Theme: The manner in which we control our speech is the clearest and most significant sign of spiritual growth.
Purpose: The congregation will seek to be sensitive to what they choose to say.
Scriptures: Matthew 15:3-13 It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles but that which comes out.
James 3:2-13 The tongue is a powerful member, and can do good or harm.

How do we manage our communications as the body of Christ? In what ways does our manner of speaking to one another affect the way people see the body of Christ? In what ways has rude, harsh, and disrespectful communication within the body of Christ caused people to turn away from the Christianity and the Church as a resource for healing, help, and spiritual growth? How do we change the way in which we behave towards one another? What is hypocrisy? What do we do in order to be joyful healthy Christians together?

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