11/15/2015 Feet Shod to Share the Gospel

Sermon:           “Humbly Walking the Walk”

Theme:            Christ calls us to show our knowledge of God through our humility and faithfulness.

Purpose:          The congregation will understand the value of “Growing Humbly in faith.”

Scriptures:       Romans 5:1-8  Our sufferings and pain serve to mature us into enduring, humble Christians.

Matthew 10:5-15        Jesus sends the disciples out to preach and heal, and to wipe the dust off their feet where they are not received.



What does it mean to us to share the gospel? Is there a way to spread the good news without being pushy and rude? How should we understand our role to share Christ? Is it possible that we can enter into relationships with others and share God’s love as our work of evangelism? Is it possible that we have a particular character as the Body of Christ which will flow naturally from our hearts? How can we tap into this natural manner of sharing Christ’s love?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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