December 20, 2015 8:00 Worship,

Sermon:           “The Gift of a Shepherd

Theme:            God sends us direction and love so that we may joyfully participate in the reconciliation and justice that is from God.

Purpose:          The congregation will be open to direction in seeking justice and peace.

Scriptures:       Micah 5:2-5a   The Lord will send ones to shepherd the people and lead them in security and righteousness.

Luke 1:46-55   Mary’s Magnificat, the description of the Messiah as one who will care for the poor and bring justice.



Are we ready for Christ’s call to humility and openness? Why do we want to preserve our own myths of control and power rather than open our hearts to the security of God’s steadfast love? What is it about keeping control that is so attractive to us, even when we know that we are not actually in control? How do we open our hearts to receive Christ when we are slow to embrace God’s call to justice and mercy? How do we let go of our grasp of the things that are not that important in order to focus on the gifts that come from God and which last?

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