January 3, 2016 Communion in the Pews

Sermon:           “The Word Became Flesh”

Theme:            Christ’s presence is a real experience of God’s loving power in a form that we can experience and we can be renewed through a living, fleshly presence of God.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to become more engaged in Christ’s presence in their lives.

Scriptures:       Jeremiah 31:7-14        God promises to bring healing, peace, and consolation to all of the people.

John 1:1-18      The Word became flesh, and the experiences we have of God are through Word become flesh in our midst.



What difference does Christmas make to us now that the presents have been unwrapped and the New Year has come? How do we experience God’s presence in our lives? What can we do to experience God more fully? What difference does it make that Jesus was born two thousand years ago? Are experiences of depression, sadness, anxiety, and fear a lack of faith? How do we come to know Christ as the “Word become flesh?”  What is our role in helping others to know and experience the presence of Christ as living human care?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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