January 10, 2016 “We Trust in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior”

Sermon:           “We Trust in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior”

Theme:            We are defined by our relationship with Jesus as our guide and the one who provides us for all our needs.

Purpose:          The congregation will focus on our relationship with Christ as our primary guide and direction.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 43:1-7   The Lord God will be with us when we pass through trials and will provide for our needs.

Mark 9:14-29  The disciples were unable to do anything for the man’s son, and needed to be in prayer in order to have ability.



What difference does it make that we trust in Jesus Christ? Do we trust more in money, influence, insurance policies, and power than we trust in Jesus Christ? Is Jesus Christ truly our Lord, the authority for the decisions we make individually and as a church? Or do we tend to trust in things we can control? In what ways are we practicing our faith so as to be in submission to Christ Jesus? In what ways do we need to change so that we can truly identify that we are serving Christ rather than our own egos or carrying out traditions?  In what ways are we like the disciples, needing to work more at prayer, fasting, and focusing on Christ in order to be effective in our work as a church?

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