5/15/2016 Pentecost

Sermon:           “The Moving Spirit of God”

Theme:            The Holy Spirit moves us to reach out to all of the world in love and appreciation as we share Christ’s love without fear.

Purpose:          The congregation will reconsider fears and discomforts with strangers.

Scriptures:       Romans 8:14-17          We are confident as the spirit makes us heirs of God and join heirs with Christ.

Acts 2:1-21      The Holy Spirit transforms the disciples and gives them a message for all nations.



What does Pentecost mean to us today? What languages do we need to be speaking today in order that people can hear and respond to God’s love for the world? What fears keep our faith locked up and hidden? What kind of fire is needed in order to move us out to the places where people are longing to know God in new ways? What did it mean to have so many languages spoken among so many who were interested in knowing God’s love and blessing? How do we open ourselves to the same experience of being empowered and sent out today?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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