6/12/2016 The Experience of Pilgrimage

Sermon:           Tourist or Pilgrim

Theme:            A pilgrimage is about living as children of God, and experiencing the healing and transforming power of God.

Purpose:          The congregation will begin the process of making commitments to be changed.

Scriptures:       Genesis 12:1-4    God calls Abram to go to a distant land.

Luke 10:1-7     Jesus sends out the 70.



What is the difference between being a tourist and being a pilgrim? What causes someone to want to become a pilgrim? What changes does one need to anticipate when one is going on a pilgrimage? What are we searching for? What are we wanting to get away from? How do we choose to live by faith like Abram? What control will we have to give up when Jesus sends us out as pilgrims? What will we get in return?

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