7/10/2016 Wrong Turns

Sermon:           “Wrong Turns – Part of the Journey”

Theme:            God works through us along the way so that we may be transformed, instructed, and renewed as we follow God’s leading.

Purpose:          The congregation will understand that we are changed by God’s call to open our hearts and listen.


Jonah 1:1-17   Jonah called to go to Nineveh, and he chooses to disobey God.

Matthew 3:1-12          John the Baptist preaches repentance and baptism.



What does it mean to be obedient to God? Is God looking for people who are perfect at following all of the laws and rules that have been given to us? Or is God looking for people who are wanting to use their own intelligence and creativity to follow God? What difference did it make to God that Jonah chose not to go where God was sending him? Why did God continue to work with Jonah and his obedience rather than simply get a different prophet who would be less stubborn? What does it mean to us that God calls us to repentance and to aligning our hearts with our actions?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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