7/24/2016 Fellow Travelers

Sermon:           “Knowing God Through Those Around Us”

Theme:            On our pilgrimage we come to know God through the people whom we meet along the way, both those whom we are called to serve, and those who serve us.

Purpose:          The congregation will be conscious of how their relationships with the people around them shapes their relationship with God.

Scriptures:       1 John 1:1-10  We fellowship more than just with other people, but with God in our conversations with other people (light and darkness).

Matthew 22:35-40      We learn the law of God in context of loving our neighbor, and of faithfulness to God.



Is our faith journey a solo or do the people whom God places around us matter? Can we have healthy spiritual growth without healthy relationships with family, friends, and other people of God? In what ways is growth in Christ dependent on our growth in relationships with others? What role does forgiveness, acceptance, and love for others play in our relationship with God? In what ways do we need to be conscious about growing in our relationship with Christ in order to be healthy and the people who are around us?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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