8/14/2016 Strangers in a Strange Land

Sermon:           “Not from Around Here”

Theme:            As Christians we live by values that do not blend with the culture and often cause us to feel alienated and alone, but that is how we testify to Christ’s love and justice.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to be peaceable and compassionate rather than angrily seek to get their way.

Scriptures:       1 Peter 2:11-25   You should live as aliens, living peaceably and enduring hardship

Luke 4:14-30       Jesus was not accepted when he returned to Nazareth.


Do we consider ourselves as “strangers” and “aliens” or do we think of ourselves as people with rights and entitlements? Do we treat the people around us as fellow travelers? Or do we think of ourselves as belonging and others as not belonging? What is the cost to our relationship with God when our identity takes on the values of the world around us? Do we like the values of the culture around us at this time? Do we want to be shaped by our knowledge of God or will we allow the attitudes and beliefs that surround us to form our faith?

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