9/4/2016 Communion Labor Day Weekend

Sermon:           “Who’s in Charge Here?”

Theme:            We submit our labor and commitment to God because we recognize that obedience leads to wholeness, healing, and grace for all.

Purpose:          The congregation will turn from being reactive to the news and violence in the world around them to be focused on developing our own obedience and faithfulness to God.

Scriptures:       Jeremiah 18:1-11        God speaks to Jeremiah as a potter, who has the ability to remake the people as a potter can remake the clay on a wheel.

Luke 14:25-33 Jesus calls the crowd to be mindful of what is going to be expected of them as they follow Christ.



Do we really want God to be in control over our lives? What is the benefit of practicing obedience to God? Or is obedience somehow giving up our right to be ourselves? In what ways does God want us to submit our labor and our possessions to His direction? Why are we so uncomfortable with God’s control over our stuff? What is the wisdom in placing our lives and our fellowship in God’s hands? What is the danger of being arrogant and willful as individuals and as a nation?  How does our faithfulness with God influence our shopping? In what ways is God involved in the choices we make about how we use our money?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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