10/16/2016 Sabbath Self-care and Serving Christ

Sermon:           We Need Rest in Order to be Wise.

Theme:            Sabbath keeps us in healthy relationship with God and our physical needs so that we may make wise decisions in the midst of conflict.

Purpose:          The congregation will reconsider their needs and priorities so as to experience real sabbath rest.

Scriptures:       Genesis 2:2-3  God rested on the Sabbath.

Mark 2:23-3:6 The lack of understanding of Sabbath and hardness of heart.

Psalm 37:1-9   Do not fret over the wicked, find strength in stillness.



What difference does time for rest make in our ability to resolve conflicts? In what ways does a lack of rest affect our ability to be open to resolving conflicts? In what ways does a lack of sabbath time lead to additional conflicts? How do we learn to find balance in our lives so that we may be healthy and wise? What can we do so that we are in a healthy state of mind when we are attempting to find resolution in conflict situations? How do we reach out in love and compassion to those whose lives have not had enough rest?

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