Angel Tree

The Angel Tree gives us the opportunity to give from our hearts to families and children in need.  For over twenty years we have joyfully participated in this partnership with Head Start.  As usual, the numbered slips, with requested items, will be hanging on the Angel Tree. You can keep the numbered slip, locate the same number on the sign up sheet, and sign your name and phone number.

IMPORTANT CHANGE:  This year again, at the request of Head Start, we will NOT WRAP our gifts.  Head Start is asking that we allow the parents to be more involved. The parents will wrap the gifts, as a way of helping to get ready for their family Christmas.

Please return the unwrapped gifts on or before Sunday, December 18th.  If you have multiple gifts, other stickers will be available by the Angel Tree.  You can always put duct tape on the bag and write the slip number on it in magic marker.

Please remember that the toy gifts are SUGGESTIONS ONLY.  You do not need to purchase them all.  Head Start staff gave us options, so if one toy is not available, more are listed so that the child can get what he or she is hoping for.

How blessed we are in our Angel Tree giving.  Every year families send their thanks to us for our generosity and caring.  As Jesus told us many years ago, “I am the Vine; you are the branches.”  We are able to “bring forth good fruit” in this special Advent mission.

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