Sermon:           How We are Called to Love

Theme:            God calls us to practice love that is founded on a commitment to humbly share God’s compassion and grace with all people.

Purpose:          The congregation will put love into practice, caring for one another with humility forgiveness, as they serve God.

Scriptures:       John 15:1-17   Jesus is the vine, and we are branches; we are commanded to love one another.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 The Apostle Paul describes the gift of love.



In what ways is the love that the Apostle Paul describes different from what is popularly thought of as being love? In what ways is humility a necessary part of the capacity to love as God calls us to love? How does the love that Paul describes reflect the type of love that God gives to us? In what ways do we need to be in Christ so that we may share this meaningful and powerful love? How do we practice this type of love? In what ways does this love move us away from “feelings” and emotions and move us to a commitment to be Christ-like?

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