3/26/2017 “Choosing to See”

Sermon:           “Choosing to See”

Theme:            We choose to know God and in that way to have vision of what God is doing in the world with us and through us.

Purpose:          The congregation will confess their need to see and choose to allow God to show them a new way to live.

Scriptures:       Ephesians 5:8-14         Once you were darkness, but now in the Lord you are light.

John 9:1-41     Jesus heals the man who was born blind by washing in the pool of Siloam.



What does it mean for us to be able to see spiritually? What kept the Pharisees and other religious leaders from being able to see Jesus’ ministry as a work that came from God?  What keeps us from recognizing God’s work in our midst? How is it that we become unaware of God’s works happening around us? In what ways does faithfulness to God affect our ability to see what God is doing? In what ways does our own stubbornness blind us to the opportunities to show God’s love and care for others?

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