4/9/2017 Palm Sunday

Sermon:           “Welcome the Humble Reign”

Theme:            Christ comes to us in humility and invites us to live in that same joyful mind of humility and grace.

Purpose:          The congregation will recognize the value and power of the ‘mind of Christ.’

Scriptures:       Matthew 21:1-11        Jesus enters Jerusalem, riding on a donkey.

Philippians 2:5-11       Have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus, that he humbled himself.


What does it mean to have the “Same mind as was in Christ” as we humble ourselves? What is the message of Jesus coming to Jerusalem riding on a donkey? What difference does it make to us that this event happened in a distant city so many years ago, especially with all of the war and violence in the world today? In what places is a humble servant king needed to bring peace to the world? In what ways does a humble servant king bring peace in our own minds and hearts? How do we embrace the coming of Christ as our Lord?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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