5/14/2017 Mother’s Day

Sermon:            “Growing Into Mature Christians”

Theme:             God’s desire is for us to live in grace and faith that comes from abiding in Christ.

Purpose:            We become for us examples of maturity and strength so that we can encourage joyful and meaningful  lives in one another.

Scriptures:        John 14:1-14    Do not be troubled, believe in God, believe also in Jesus – he goes to prepare a place for us.

1 Peter 2:2-10 Through the Love of Christ mature Christians are built into the temple that shares God’s love and presence in the world.



What does Jesus mean when he calls us to believe? What is the difference between “believing” in Jesus and accepting a doctrine or teaching?  In what ways do we choose to be shaped by God? How do we take part in the process of being renewed and guided into a life of maturity in Christ? What is the sacrifice that we have to give in order to set aside our ego and self-centeredness in order to joyfully live in the relationships that Christ invites us to know? What does it mean for us to be a “spiritual sacrifice” built into the temple of Christ?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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