Sermon:           “To Know and Be Known by God”

Theme:            Our relationship with Christ is an active relationship that shapes us through love into people who live joyfully as Christ’s disciples.

Purpose:          The congregation will move from an intellectualized relationship with God to a moving relationship which will challenge sacrifice and growth.

Scriptures:       John 14:15-21  Jesus said: “If you love me you will keep my commandments.” Jesus will send us the Advocate to guide us.

Acts 7:22-31    Paul’s sermon to Athens – God invites us to a relationship of knowing God rather than worshipping mystery.



What does it mean to know Christ? The Apostle Paul spoke to the people in Athens about the mystery of God, but also spoke about knowing God? How do we go about coming to know God? In what ways do we learn to love God by loving one another? In what ways is our ability to know God dependent on our willingness to love the people around us? In what ways does the lack of love in the world cause God’s presence to be invisible to much of the world? In what ways are we involved in a relationship of spiritual life with God rather than focused on our building, structures, or programs?

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