7/16/2017 Security Blankets and Good Luck Charms

“Milk it for all it’s worth”

Sermon:           “Insecurity and Security Blankets”

Theme:            Instead of creating “Sacred cows” we will find our security in the knowledge of God’s unending loving care for us.

Purpose:          The congregation will recognize their insecurities and begin to seek to set them aside.

Scriptures:        Romans 8:31-39          All things work together for those who are in Christ, if God is for us, who can be against us?

Matthew 14:22-36      Jesus walks on the water to the Disciples, who are struggling in the boat.  The people want to touch the fringe of his cloak.



How do we respond to the anxieties and fears that are with us over long periods of time? What roles do “good luck charms” and other attachments play in our lives? In what ways do we enable fears to dominate our lives? In what ways do we lack trust in God’s love or willingness to care for us? What are the ways in which we can remind ourselves that God’s love is with us? What can we do to break our dependence on superstitions and other crutches for dealing with anxiousness and fear? What is a healthy understanding of anxiousness and fear for Christians?

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