Sermon:           “Called to Share Forgiveness”

Theme:            We share a gift of forgiveness as we give forgiveness and enable others to know the peace of God in our words and actions.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to intentionally practice forgiveness for others.

Scriptures:       Romans 14:1-12          We are in fellowship with one another to build one another up and to glorify God.

Matthew 18:21-35      The parable of the unforgiving servant and the king who forgave the accounts.


How does our lack of forgiveness affect our relationship with God? Can one be a Christian without learning forgiveness? How do we learn to forgive, especially in places where hurt runs deep? Does forgiveness leave others unpunished? What is the impact bitterness and unforgiveness on our relationship with those who are closest to us? In what ways does abusiveness and violence rise up out unforgiveness?  What forgiveness do we owe God and what has God forgiven us?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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