11/5/2017 Communion “Called to Serving”

Sermon:           “Proclaim Christ, But Avoid Using Words”

Theme:            We seek to show God’s message of peace and justice through the way in which we live so that people will know Christ through us.

Purpose:          The congregation will reflect on the ways in which we practice peace and justice with one another.

Scriptures:       1 Thessalonians 2:9-13           Remember our work and our conduct as parents guiding our beloved children in the knowledge of God.

Matthew 23:1-12        You will not be hypocrites, but will practice your faith so that people will know God in your relationships together.


Do our actions support our message of God’s love? In what ways do we proclaim God with our words but fail to show God’s love in our attitude or actions? How can we learn to serve joyfully and with gratitude? How does our strength flow through serving God, rather than through focusing on tasks or jobs? How do we grow as God’s servants, showing humility? In what ways is humility essential to minimize hypocrisy?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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