Sermon:           Called to be Bold and Faithful

Theme:            We are called to be healthy in evil times by being bold and engaged, rather than being timid and anxious.

Purpose:          The congregation will draw strength from using their gifts faithfully.

Scriptures:       1 Thessalonians 5:1-11           Recognize the evil in the world by remaining awake and faithful to God.

Matthew 25:14-30      Parable of the talents – the wise and faithful slaves and the anxious slave.



In what ways do we need to put our faith into action in order to have a healthy knowledge of Christ? Is it possible to be loving without doing something? In what ways are each of us able to find God’s mission and purpose for our lives? What does it mean to us to be “children of the light” living in the present and serving God? In what ways are those who are serving and reaching out in Christ’s name better able to cope with the darkness of the world at this time? What happens when we fail to put our faith into action? What issues and conflicts emerge for those who are not prepared to live out their faith by showing Christ’s love?

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