3/18/2018 5th Sunday of Lent

Theme:            God calls us to have the law of God written on our hearts through openness, love, and forgiveness.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to learn understanding and forgiveness.

Scriptures:       John 12:20-33 Unless a grain dies, it will not bear fruit, but out of suffering comes our gift of salvation for the world.

Jeremiah 31:31-34      The Law of God, written upon the people’s hearts.

Practice:          Learning to be less anxious and reduce defensive reactions.


What does it mean to us to “Know the Lord?” How should the knowledge of God and love of Jesus Christ be reflected in our words and actions? In what ways is the covenant of practicing God’s love a challenge for our life every day? What can we choose as our current area to focus on practicing Jesus’ love in our relationships? What are some of the relationships in which that practice is most needed today?  What difference will this practice make in our lives?

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