Sermon:           “Strangers in a Strange Land”

Theme:            God calls us to be in the world but not emotionally or spiritually invested in the values of the world.

Purpose:          The congregation will evaluate their priorities and attachments.

Scriptures:       1 John 5:9-13  Whoever has the Son has life – this is our testimony from God.

John 17:6-19   We belong to Christ and are not of the world.



What are the things to which we become emotionally attached? In what ways do those attachments affect our relationship with Christ and with other Christians? What are the things that we make more important than God in our life? How do we learn to put things in a healthy perspective? How do we find the humility to put our relationships with Christ and those Christ has placed in our lives above our own need for control and the things that we begin to make overly important in our minds?

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