July 15, 2018

Sermon:           Neighbors Choose Words Carefully.

Theme:            Our words reflect the heart of our relationships with one another, which then become part of our relationship with God.

Purpose:          The congregation will reflect upon how they speak about others.

Scriptures:       James 3:13-18 Show your wisdom in your words and actions.

Mark 4:21-25  A lamp should shine, all will be disclosed and made clear.


How is your relationship with God reflected in the way you speak about the people who are around you? Do you use your words to build up and to encourage or do your words reflect bitterness, envy, or hostility? What happens to us when we are reflective of God’s love and presence? How does it feel to be someone who is consistent in showing and demonstrating the love of Christ?  What can we do to learn to reflect the wisdom of Christ?

Unfortunately we had problems with the recording so click HERE to download notes and text of the message.

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