09/09/2018 Back to two worship services

Sermon:           “Real Faith Really Acts”

Theme:            Our mature faith is shown in that we show our caring in ways that make a difference and bring healing.

Purpose:          The congregation will focus on practical acts of compassion not to impress.

Scriptures:       James 2:1-13   The body matters: knowledge of Christ demands that we be practical in our love for neighbor.

Mark 7:24-37  The healing of the Syrophoenician (privileged person) woman’s daughter.


Who has been left out of the blessings and abundance around us? What is our responsibility to people who are in need? What difference does it make if we discriminate for or against particular groups of people? What difference does economic class make in the way we treat people? How does that affect our relationship with God? What can we do to be more open and accepting of people who we perceive to be affluent, and people we perceive to be poor or needy?  What does James mean when he says that partiality is a sin?  What is wrong about favoring one group over another?

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