December 16th, 2018 Worship at 8:00 Cantata at 10:30

Sermon:           “But in the Mean Time..”

Theme:            The people of God live between two realities: the Kingdom of God and the need to show Christ’s love to the world around them.

Purpose:          The congregation will commit to seeking after Christ’s direction in their lives in spite of all of the chaos and confusion that surrounds us.

Scriptures:       Philippians 4:4-7         Rejoice always, do not worry about anything but by prayer and thanksgiving let your needs be known to God.

Luke 3:7-18     John the Baptist instructs the people how to live faithfully.


What does it mean to be baptized with God’s Holy Spirit and presence? Are we really seeking to experience God’s presence in the midst of Christmas? Or are we distracted with issues and practices that need to be uprooted? If God is not impressed by our traditions or our outer appearances, what really does matter to God this Christmas? Are we wanting to be a part of what God is doing or are we hoping God will be a part of what we have already planned ourselves?

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