1/6/2019 Communion Epiphany Series: A Light for All Nations

Sermon:           “The Lamp in the Darkness”

Theme:            Light shines out from our hearts and attracts people to the love of Christ.

Purpose:          The congregation will see themselves as sources of “light” for healing of others.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 60:1-6    Darkness shall cover the earth, but the Lord will rise upon you and bring a message for all nations.

Matthew 2:1-12          The Magi come to worship the Christ.


What does it mean for us to be a light in the darkness? In what ways are we called to be ourselves and at the same time called to make a difference in the world? How do we become people who are able to naturally share God’s love and grace? What is the difference between trying to make things better and allowing ourselves to be a light which the world is drawn to? In what ways are people still seeking a light that will make a difference?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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