3/10/2019 1st Sunday of Lent

Sermon:           “Who Are You Really?”          

Theme:            We are invited to allow Lent to be a season of discovering God’s love and grace for us individually and as the people of God together.       

Purpose:          The congregation will commit to seeking to deepen their relationship with God through Lent.           

Scriptures:       Romans 10:8-13 Confess with your lips Jesus is Lord, believe in your heart, and God who receives all will save you.

                        Luke 4:1-13 Temptation of Jesus, questioning what it means that he is the Son of God.


Do you think of yourself as a beloved child of God? Does God’s love and approval of you enable you to see yourself differently? Do you know what it means to have confidence in your value and place in the world because of God’s love for you? How do we go about shaping our thinking of ourselves around God’s love for us? How do we become people who are joyfully living as God’s chosen?

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