Sermon:           “Jesus Comes to Us”  

Theme:            Jesus makes his presence known to all who seek to know him and seek him.        

Purpose:          The congregation will continue to seek Christ’s presence in their lives.      

Scriptures:       Revelation 1:4-8          Jesus will come with the clouds and proclaims he is the beginning and the end, the Almighty.

                        John 20:19-31 Jesus appears to the disciples, and again appears to Thomas.


What do we need to experience so that we can receive the resurrection with all of its meaning? How do we see our lives differently through the confidence of the power of God to overcome death? What do we need in order to take the resurrection seriously in our perspective towards the problems and fears that we face? In what ways does Christ become for us a source of strength and confidence over all of the evil that is in the world? How can we participate in the reign of Christ that overthrows the powers of evil and darkness in the world?

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