Sermon:           “Signs of Christ’s Reign”         

Theme:            The reign of Christ is seen in the way in which we share God’s forgiveness, love, healing, and peace.

Purpose:          The people will seek to submit their relationships to Christ’s love and healing.      

Scriptures:       Revelation 21:1-6        The reign of God brings healing and reconciliation to all people.

                        John 13:31-35 Jesus commands that we love one another, and that is how we are known as his disciples.


What does it mean to us that Jesus’ command was to love one another? In what ways are our relationships with one another as Christians a sign to the world of the reign of God? How do we reflect the sacrifice that Christ has made in our relationships with one another? How do we practice a relationship which recognizes God’s love which cares for every tear of His beloved children? What does it mean to us that it is the desire of God to make His home among “mortals?” What does this say about the way we view the weaknesses and challenges that those near us are struggling?

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