06/23/2019 Sermon: On Earth as it is in Heaven

Theme:            We participate in a relationship in which God’s Kingdom and intention for humanity is experienced through our way of living and treating one another.   

Purpose:          The Congregation will seek to see ways in which they may share God’s heavenly realm in their relationships.

Scriptures:       Revelation 21:1-7        A new heaven and a new earth. God will wipe away every tear.

                        Luke 17:20-37 Some will be taken and some will not in the coming judgment.

Questions: What is the relationship between things happening on heaven and earth? How can we have a heavenly presence on earth? How do we participate with God and with one another in bringing about the reign of God on earth? Do we really want God’s plan for earth or are we still serving our own egos? How do we learn to pray this with confidence that we want God’s plans?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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