Sermon:           Make Peace (Get Over It!)

Theme:            It’s time to release our attachment to past wounds, grievances, and complaints so that we may experience the welcome and acceptance that Jesus wants to share with us.

Purpose:          The congregation will begin to examine what past issues are being used for self-justification and propping up identity.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 11:1-10  The presence of Christ is coming to create reconciliation and healing for all who will open themselves to the knowledge of God.

                        Romans 15:4-13          Those who welcome others as Christ has welcomed us find joy, forgiveness and healing.


What does it take to enable us to make a commitment to releasing our past wounds and complaints? Why do we hold onto and relive hurts, conflicts, and issues from the past? What is it that causes us to make our wounds and hurts central to the way in which we see ourselves? What would it take for us to let go of those things? How can we see ourselves as part of God’s love and redeeming work in the world? What do we need to do in order to open our hearts to healing, especially in the places that have long been painful?

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