12/22/2019 Make Space in Your Heart!!

Theme:            God’s invitation is to clean out the past, to let go of what has been meaningless, and to open our hearts to God doing something new.

Purpose:          The congregation will take time in the week to consider what needs to be released in order to move forward in relationship with God and one another.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 7:10-16  A son will be born to us, whose name will be “God with us.”

                        Romans 1:1-7  God sent the Apostle Paul to proclaim a declaration of resurrection.


What does it mean to make space in our hearts for Christ’s love and presence? What do we need to do to be open to God’s love? How is it that we become “cluttered” in our holding onto the past and to things that do not matter? What are some practices or activities we can do that will help to move us forward in opening ourselves to God’s love and presence? How can we be people live our lives as a declaration of God’s love and forgiving peace?

Click HERE to listen to the message.

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