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Sermon:           Our Continued Struggle

Theme:            We are made strong to overcome our challenges of superficiality and selfishness through drawing from God’s grace and sustaining love.

Purpose:          We will examine ways to remain strong in our path of growth and transformation.

Scriptures:       Exodus 17:1-7 The people of Israel quarrel with Moses and complain that they do not have water.

                        Romans 5:1-11            We are justified through faith, God’s love is proved to us that while we were sinners Christ died.


What are we making harder in our relationships than really needs to be? In what ways are we caught up in our emotional and personal issues? How is it our ego is causing us to live a less fulfilling and joyful life? In what ways do the experiences and challenges we experience enable us to know God more fully? How do we move from being resistant to seeing God in our hard times to becoming people who become closer to God through our difficult times?

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