04/22/2020 Midweek Worship

04/22/2020     Midweek        

We have a Wednesday Podcast, continuing our Wednesday evening worship experiences. The Podcast can be reached at this LINK.  There is also a bulletin for the Podcast which can be reached HERE.

Message:         The Certainty of the Resurrection

Theme:            We draw strength to overcome what is uncertain through our confidence in the resurrection of Jesus.

Purpose:          We are assured of Christ’s love for us and confidence in God’s powerful love.

Scriptures        Luke 24:1-12   The Resurrection of Jesus


What does the resurrection say to our uncertainty? In what ways does the certainty of the resurrection speak to all of the uncertainty we experience? How do we live as people who find God in the uncertainty through the promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus? What does eternal life say to us in the midst of things that are overwhelming and frightening?

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