04/29/2020 Midweek Podcast Worship

We have a Wednesday Podcast, continuing our Wednesday evening worship experiences. The Podcast can be reached at this LINK.  There is also a bulletin for the Podcast which can be reached HERE.

Sermon:           “Eating and Drinking with God”

Theme:            God sustains us in our time of transition with food and fellowship as we accept it as a sacred gift of blessing and healing.

Purpose:          The people will be mindful that the gifts we receive are from God and that we are drawn together in the relationship that God gives us in our eating and drinking.

Scripture:        Exodus 24:1-11           Moses and the Elders of Israel dedicate the space for worship, and are invited to eat and drink with God.

                        John 21:1-14   Jesus prepares a meal for his disciples and they know him in the breaking of the bread together.


How do we experience God’s presence in the food and drink that sustains us during our exile and growing into the resurrection? What do we need to do so that our simple act of eating can be renewed as a sign of God’s blessing in our lives? How can we know Jesus in daily meals? What difference does it make for us as the body of Christ if each of us individually dedicate our eating and drinking to the knowledge of God? How do we find holiness in our time of exile?

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