August 2 Virtual Worship Communion

Click HERE to see the worship service on YouTube. Click HERE for the audio version of the service. Click HERE for the bulletin.

Sermon:  “A Heart that Cares”  

Theme:  As we grow in Christ we learn a sacrificial mind that longs for the care for others more than worries about our own needs.

Purpose:  We will grow in our love and concern for others rather than focus on our own needs.

Scriptures: Romans 9:1-5 The Apostle Paul’s sorrow at the lack of acceptance by his kindred.

                   Matthew 14:13-21  Jesus tells his disciples to feed the crowds with five loaves and two fish.


What concerns for ourselves keep us from reaching out in loves for others? How do we learn confidence in our care for others? How does our own sense of inadequacy, or shame affect our relationships with other people? Can we use the unique circumstances of this Covid-19 separation to shape the way in which we relate to others? What is the difference between foolish or harmful behavior and being self-sacrificing and caring? How do we learn to be bold and joyful in our love for the world around us?

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