September 9 Midweek Worship Podcast

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Sermon:           “We Live by God’s Grace”      

Theme:            We are dependent only to the grace of God and will bear fruit out of our relationship with Christ. 

Purpose:          We will focus on putting Christ above all our distractions.   

Scriptures:       Psalm 121        I look up at the hills, from where will my help come? The Lord is your keeper.

                        Matthew 21:18-22      Jesus curses the fig tree.


How do we feel about Jesus being angry and judging anything, such as a fig tree? How do we perceive Jesus’ condemnation of the fruitless fig tree? What does this say to us about bearing fruit? If bearing fruit is that important, then what should we actually be focusing upon? Do we concern ourselves with being fruitful in producing what Jesus wants of us? Should we be more concerned about how we serve Christ than upon those things that occupy our minds through most of the day?

Description for Wednesday September 9, 2020

Scripture is read from NRSV Bible (New Revised Standard Version)

Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE, License #A-730666 and CCLI Streaming License CSPL069066. All Rights reserved.

Song “In the Name of God the Father – by Joel Payne

CCLI Song # 7088211

Joel Payne  © 2017 Joel Payne – (Admin. by Jubilate Hymns Ltd)

For use solely with the SongSelect® Terms of Use. All rights reserved.

CCLI License # 1644445

Hymn Glory to God Hymnal #829 “My Faith Looks Up to Thee”TEXT: Ray Palmer, 1830
MUSIC (OLIVET Lowell Mason, 1831, alt.

Liturgist: Kris Bartelt

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