“The Things that Make For Peace” Bible Study Sunday Mornings

Click HERE for the 9/27/2020 handout.

It often takes work to be people who are prepared to work for peace, particularly in emotionally charged situations. To be effective in sharing peace and not becoming caught up in the passion and fear, we have to prepare ourselves and have an understanding of how to make peace. This bible study will take five weeks to explore these processes. Using a resource from the Presbyterian Mission Agency, we will explore what the scriptures teach us about being people who make peace.

These classes will take place virtually as part of our Sunday morning Education experience, beginning with Sunday, September 13, 2020 and running through October 11.  It will be a zoom program which to which people can connect using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or by telephone.  If you have questions contact Pastor Jack at revjharrison@fdlpresbyterian.org.

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