April 28 Midweek Devotions

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Sermon:           Passing Through the Consequences  

Theme:            We are guided by God’s love and justice through the consequences of our own evil and faults by the gift of God’s abiding love and healing presence.       

Purpose:          To draw our strength and guidance from God even when we have done what we know has been wrong.   

Scriptures:       Micah 7:8-20   I must pass through the results of my sin, but I will be risen up and God’s justice will prevail.

Questions: How shall we react when we do what we know to have been wrong? What is our response to the consequences of our own failures and misdeeds? How do we build on our relationship with God even after we have acted in ways we know are disappointing to God? What is our way of responding in faith rather than reacting out of our own hostility and fear?

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